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Licensed Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange #FRK000246
Licensed Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider #FRK000204
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Our proprietary trading engine enables trades a high-throughput exchange with the ability of trading 1.8 million transactions per second.
Robust Security
AXNET's platform ensures data and system security via strict compliance with financial level standards with an infrastructrue designed using a bank-level data encryption.
Dual Exchange Interface
Our traders have the ability to access both a Centralized and Decentralized high-speed exchagne with the flip of a switch all in one dynamic platform.
Licensed & Regulated
AXNET is a licensed virtual currency to fiat exchange and wallet provider regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia, EU.
Dedicated Support
Our customer support team is available 24/7 to service traders in over 15 languages to give the greatest user experience for our users.
Download App
Axnet has created the mobile tools for you to be able to trade on the go.